Hello world!

Ahh “hello world”. The famous initial words on any self respecting computer programmer’s application output, and how apt for the inaugural post on the old bloggy-poo ūüôā …

Being from Manchester; home of The Manchester Computers, stomping ground of Alan Turing, a former bleeding edge of technology, nestled cosily in the North of England РI proudly welcome these words as the introduction to my personal blog.

Naturally, I’ve had many blogs before, that have been deleted, re-uploaded, re-branded,¬†misplaced, ignored, forgotten, and whatever else. So here, on my namesake domain, I begin once more, and for all.

Treasure Manchester

The picture above pretty much sums up my opinion of my home city, and my interests. This was snapped at Manchester Academy one night whilst we were watching The Polyphonic Spree. So, on that note, being a Manc (although Andi would probably argue otherwise), where better to start than with the music.

I’ve been through the mill when it comes to the tunes. I started my journey like most teens of the early naughties, with Eminem, Linkin Park, and Sum41, but lets brush that under the carpet, along with the strange progression to Hardcore dance music in the shape of Bonkers, and Hardcore Nation, and land on today’s mature interest in the alternative, and the¬†independent.

If you’re with us in the year 2015, and have a Spotify account, you can have a look at the best tunes of all time on my “Chronic” playlist (thank me later), click here if you’re keen.

In that playlist there’s largely a mixture of tunes from the 80s, many of which air from Manchester bands, ranging through various other geographies, genres, and timbres, and eventually finding your way to today’s finest from bands like the “Marmite” of new music: Everything Everything. A friend of mine who was recently bashed by Chris Moyles would definitely be on the “hate” (or at least strongly dislike) side of that discussion, but I’m very much for them. Here’s why…

Glasto Flags

Picture the scene, an enthusiastic Danny setting his first steps into Glastonbury festival’s weekend of music, on the Friday morning, slightly hung over, but keen. I was fresh from the first band of the weekend, a surprise set from The Charlatans, I remained at The Other Stage to see the EE lads give it some. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was very much on the fence with them, and they came on to some of their radio worthy¬†singles, and then it happened… They dropped a tune that I’d never heard before, “No Reptiles” … I was listening to the lyrics and the way Jonny boy was singing them, and something got me, and that was it. Touched by the spirit of the festival, and probably hit by my 6th tin of luke warm Fosters, I was in the moment, and I’ve loved them ever since.

Moving on from those lads, there’s the deep seated love for Coldplay (call me what you want), then a recent addition of All Tvvins¬†with Thank You, and its driving, lip biting bass riff, mixed in with the familiar sounds of Kodaline’s Brand New Day from TV’s Gogglebox. There’s quite a bit of variety in there, so if you’re looking for a journey of discovery, give it a whirl!

Anyway, I’ve just noticed the time after spending the last few¬†hours fixing a stupid backup bug on the Mrs’ old iPhone, which is where my next article is going to take you. Which I will probably get round to tomorrow after deploying the Facebook app for TapOnTalent¬†– no rest for the wicked ay? … So I’m going to love you and leave you for tonight.

Godspeed my friends!



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