Drink Coffee and Lose Weight

So you CAN actually drink coffee whilst dieting, and here’s why…

Caffeine Addiction

I’d personally say I drink too much coffee. In the office, we have a Jura Impressa F8. This thing’s like the best coffee production device I’ve ever had. Bean-to-cup, delicious brew, all automated – beautiful. I must be tanning 6 cups a day, easily. That’s not including grabbing quick Costas whilst out and about.

I would never have said I was particularly addicted to coffee – at least – until I went cold turkey. Big mistake.

As you may have seen I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment. So this week I decided to try to go without anything but drinking water and eating less than 600 calories a day, for a few days, to get over the bloat and crap from the weekend, and the previous 12 months.

The food intake has been fine. Not particularly hungry anymore, found decent things to be snacking on for maximum energy, and I feel like I’m doing great. One thing that I’d noticed was that I’ve been getting terrible headaches.

My first thought was water intake, but those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that it’s definitely not that after this week’s latest purchase.

So a lack of h2o is certainly not the problem.

I’m getting all the right nutrients, exercising, well hydrated, eating more fruit than I’ve done in years. So what gives?!

The only other thing it could have been was coffee!

Don’t go cold turkey

Now coffee isn’t bad for you in regulated amounts, but I’d consider my intake quite unhealthy, so dropping it certainly won’t do me any harm. But dropping it off completely on a Monday morning whilst also changing my diet – a BIG no-no.

If you’re thinking about dropping off your coffee intake, reduce it gradually, cut out one or two cups a day, stabilise for a few days, and do the same again until you’re at the level you want to be at.

Caffeine is the drug and your brain gets addicted to it. Literally, 10 minutes after drinking half my first cup just now, the first since the weekend – I’m more alert, headache’s gone, and I feel miles better. I’d obviously gone too hard going from 6-8 cups per day to 0.

Coffee Aids Digestion

Without getting too graphic, I’ve not been going as regularly. Obviously, the amount of beer and food I was previously consuming was having an impact, but I mean, of a normal weekday – less. Even though I’m eating less, when I’ve done this before there’s been regular things happening … anyway.

Apparently, coffee makes you biz …

We all know it. You have a coffee, 20 mins later, “ey up” … off to the khazi[1] and this feels like it might currently be the case with me. To quote the Men’s Health article I used for reference below:

Coffee increases contractions in your gut, which activate that gotta-go urge as stool travels to your rectum, says Satish Rao, M.D., Ph.D., the director of the digestive health center at Georgia Regents University.

Low-Calorie Workout Supercharger

You know the boost that coffee gives you. Drink too late at night and you’ve got the shakes, first thing in the morning it gets you cracking for work. Caffeine, it’s quality stuff. But if you’re blasting caffeine in a Red Bull or Monster, you’re whacking a shed load of calories and sugar into your diet. Which is a no-no for us wannabe slim-jims.

A cup of coffee is between 4 and 10 calories depending on how you’re brewing. If you’re whacking in milk and sugar you can bump that up to 60ish, but it depends how you take it.

Drink it black, and you’re laughing. But even if you’re dropping a touch of milk in there and half a spoon of sugar, you’re still only dropping 50-60 cals on something that’s gonna power you through the day, your workouts, and boost your metabolic rate and fat burning ability (especially if you’re on the rotund side) [2].

Go Grab a Cup

I’m literally still buzzing from my first cup in a few days here, I almost feel dizzy after going cold turkey for a few days. It’s like an angel has removed my brain and is giving it cuddles of warm happiness and energy. This must be what drugs feel like … ?

Coffee will do no damage to your diet, and it’ll make you feel great. Just maybe try stick to 1 or two cups a day, don’t end up like me keeping Lavazza and Costa in business ?  …

PS. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too, very important!


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[2] Livestrong article on coffee and dieting: http://www.livestrong.com/article/458289-is-coffee-good-to-drink-while-dieting/



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