I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube recently … mainly Casey Neistat, and he’s got me obsessed. I watch him every morning before work, when I’m on lunch, and when I’m waiting for my fiancĂ©e to come home in the evenings. He’s an absolute inspiration. Not only because of the amazing career he’s built for himself, but for his running.

If you’re a runner and you can give advice, click here to see where I’m stuck.

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“iTunes could not backup the iPhone because an error occurred” – thanks for that. Now what?!

For the excited loyal Apple customer, this message may bear anger, hatred, and fear (of losing all those pics of your cat), and quite rightly so. An uncommon, extremely vague, Microsoft-esque error from the iTunes backup feature. But what does it mean?!

Last night, the Mrs brought her spankin’ new iPhone home for me to do the usual thing I’ve done hundreds of times before for a non-iCloud customer, manually back up and restore her old iPhone 5cheap to her new iPhone 6 using the iTunes backup and restore function.

Never before have I encountered such a ridiculous error message from Apple, after many years of loyal service, so I was naturally perturbed. But how the frig do you fix something like this?! … I took to Google for assistance to find, well … very little. But after some digging I started to discover some assistance.

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Ahh “hello world”. The famous initial words on any self respecting computer programmer’s application output, and how apt for the inaugural post on the old bloggy-poo 🙂 …

Being from Manchester; home of The Manchester Computers, stomping ground of Alan Turing, a former bleeding edge of technology, nestled cosily in the North of England – I proudly welcome these words as the introduction to my personal blog.Continue reading